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Choosing your streetboard (How to choose the size?)

Boards are available in 7 sizes from 46 cm to 56 cm. As in all sports boards, length plays on the behavior of the board: A board of 46 will be more responsive and agile in a board 55, but the board in 55 give an impression of stability, high speed. The boards are the most versatile 50 to 55. If you have very big feet (11.5 shoes and +) we recommend the board 56 which is wider. The sizes of boards on our site correspond to the length of the bar (stance). All streetboards are maple wood from Canada.




Choosing your plates slide-rite slick or not?

The slick coating is below the cross bar and plates that makes the slides on different surfaces.

In general, large boards are slicked unlike smaller boards. That said, this can be solved by applying the wax below the board

Choosing your trucks

The trucks will choose according to individual preferences: street, ramps, bowl, etc. ...

The lighter trucks can have a better amplitude in aerial tricks.

Vice versa, the large trucks can have a better stability in the grinds and slides but it increases the total weight of the board.

Choosing your wheels

Diameter: The diameter of the choice is made according to his own practice streetboarding. Primarily, the wheels of small diameter (50mm, 51mm, 52mm, 53mm, 54mm and 55mm) allow a better precision street at technical tricks. The wheels of large diameter (56mm, 58mm and 60mm) are suitable for rampers (ramps and bowls).

Hardness: The more a wheel is hard, it will wear out less quickly. A hard wheel provides less comfort due to vibration, but it can go faster. Inversely, more a wheel is soft, the faster it wears out. A soft wheel provides more comfort but reduces the speed of the board because it adheres more to the ground.

Technical details for the hardness of wheels:

87 A: Good for rough surfaces, downhill or soils that need a lot of grip.

95 A: Slightly firmer and faster on a slippery surface to adhere properly.

99 A: Good speed and grip. Versatile: street, ramp and skatepark. We recommend it for beginners.

101 A and over: The harder, faster and more slippery. Ideal for hanging slider to the curb without



Choosing your bearings

Bearings are placed inside the wheels. A wheel bearing requires 2 (8 bearings in total).

The choice of rotation depends on your need for speed and strength.

There are 3 main standards of bearings: ABEC 3, ABEC 5 and ABEC 7. The higher the number, the higher the streetboard go fast. However, the bearing will be more fragile with a high number. Inversely, a small number will have a higher strength but the rider will reach maximum speeds lower.

To practice skatepark and street, we recommend bearings ABEC 3 or ABEC 5 because the shocks are more important. To practice on ramps, bowls and tracks speed, we recommend ABEC 7 bearings to enjoy the speed




Choosing your riser pads

The riser pads (made of rubber surface to place between the board and trucks) are used to dampen vibrations. The streetboard riser pads dependent models of trucks.

Choosing your bindings

The bindings allow the feet are attached to the board to run the figures in street or ramps.

There are several types of bindings that hold well the foot:

Bindings with straps: very basic and small.

Bindings with neoprene: very efficient, lean and efficient.

Bindings with boot: powerful, strong and imposing


Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on choosing your material.


You will benefit from real advice by streetboarders!